How to Use Coloured Concrete to Make a Statement

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Tips for Staying Tidy While Cutting Concrete and Cleaning Up Afterwards

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If you are doing a project that involves cutting concrete, you may be wondering how to keep the work site tidy while you are working. While it can be challenging, there are numerous tips that can help. Here are some ideas to explore: 1. Cover surfaces with plastic. If you are dry cutting, there is going to be a lot of dust generated as you cut. Whether you are cutting inside or outside, make sure that you cover anything you don’t want to get dusty with plastic. Read More»

Concrete Pump Hire: 3 Things to Consider

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If you are carrying out construction or renovation work on your home, you may be considering hiring a concrete pump. A concrete pump is used to pump the concrete mix from the mixer to the area you wish to apply the concrete. Concrete pumps are especially useful to complete small construction jobs were a full-size concrete mixing truck would be too large. Before hiring a concrete pump, there are a few things you should consider. Read More»

4 Benefits of Installing a Concrete Driveway

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If your property needs a new driveway, you may be considering installing an asphalt surface. However, before you make your decision, you should also consider the benefits of laying down a concrete surface on your driveway. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of installing a concrete driveway. Concrete can feature a customised appearance When you think of concrete, you may imagine a flat surface which is a uniform grey colour. Read More»

Guard Against Trips and Falls by Making Your Concrete Surfaces as Safe as Possible

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An employee or client being injured at the workplace is one of the nightmares that keeps business managers awake at night. One way to help prevent trips and falls is to repair concretesurfaces as flaws appear, so you can keep everyone safe around your business premises. Here are some ways to make sure that your staff and clients can walk around the concrete floors without tripping over cracks. Don’t Lay Paving Near Expanding Trees Read More»

Four Kerbing Options to Consider If Tree Roots Are Growing Into Your Kerbs

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Unfortunately, tree roots can easily damage walking paths, kerbs and other hard surfaces. When the roots grow into these surfaces, they lift them up and create cracks or bumps. If your kerb has been damaged, there are multiple things you can do during the repair process to reduce the chances of damage from tree roots in the future. Whether you own a business with a parking lot with kerbs or you are a city manager or anyone else who deals with kerbs, these tips can help. Read More»