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Why Block Retaining Walls Work So Well

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Retaining walls are a common sight in most peoples gardens because very few have a completely flat surface to work with. Therefore, to make at least some areas of your garden flat, you need to put in a retaining wall or two. When looking for what type of retaining wall, there are a few options on the market, but perhaps none work as well as block retaining walls in Australian conditions. Here are a few reasons why you should consider block retaining walls first and foremostly before you start the renovation of your backyard into your dream garden.

Easy to Adjust the Height

Block retaining walls work well for any sized retaining wall because you can pick and choose just how high you want them. Some retaining walls must be a certain height or they will look odd or lose some of their strength, while others have materials that are harder to trim down. Block retaining walls come with individual pavers or stones that come in a range of heights and widths so that you can always find something that will suit your needs. It will also look much cleaner than other types of retaining walls that have to be cut short to fit your size, your retaining walls will always look as if they were designed to fit the space because they were!

Simple to Incorporate Stairs 

Because block retaining walls have a lot of individual pavers and bricks it is easy to interpret the pattern and add in a few small stairs. With wooden, concrete or metal retaining walls you have to do a lot of planning around how you will make sure that these staircases look good and do not impact the structure of the retaining wall. There is no such concern with block retaining walls as it is all very modular and you can stop and start it at any point.

Lasts a Long Time

Whether you use masonry or concrete slabs, block retaining walls last a long time in conditions that could include rain, hail, extreme sunlight and strong winds all in the same week, if not the same day! While wooden retaining walls can give a certain natural look that is hard to ignore, block retaining walls are a much more pragmatic choice that will last more than a couple of years before they need some heavy-duty maintenance. When it comes to outdoor materials, never use materials that are more susceptible to rot, rust and corrosion like wood and metal.