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Concrete Pump Hire: 3 Things to Consider

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If you are carrying out construction or renovation work on your home, you may be considering hiring a concrete pump. A concrete pump is used to pump the concrete mix from the mixer to the area you wish to apply the concrete. Concrete pumps are especially useful to complete small construction jobs were a full-size concrete mixing truck would be too large. Before hiring a concrete pump, there are a few things you should consider.

Concrete mix type

While some multipurpose concrete pumps can handle a wide range of different types of concrete, other pumps are designs to only pump specific types. The type of aggregate, the substance which is added to the concrete mix in order to increase its strength, is what will normally dictate the type of pump required. While most pumps can pump very fine aggregate some may become blocked when exposed to thicker aggregate. Using the incorrect pump for the concrete mix could also result in a dramatic slowdown in the volume of concrete which can be pumped through the pipe, this can lead to the job taking much longer than expected. Before hiring a concrete pump, you should check with the supplier that the pump is suitable for use with the concrete mix you wish to pump.

Towing weight of the pump

If you are planning to tow the concrete pump using your car or truck, you should carefully note the weight of the pump and ensure that it is safe to attach to your vehicle. You should also be aware of the fact that because concrete will cling to the inside of the pump, it is likely to weigh much more when you need to tow it away once the job has been completed. If you cannot tow the pump, most hire services will offer to deliver and pick up the pump on your behalf.

Valve Type

The type of valve you need to use will depend on the type of the concrete and the type of pump you are using. If the concrete mix you are using is very wet, you may have to use a ball valve in order to slow down the flow of the concrete as it exits the hopper. For a thicker type of concrete mix, an S-tube valve can help to keep the flow even as it leaves the pump. You should ask for advice from the concrete pump hire company. They will be happy to offer advice about the type of valve that will be best for your particular needs.

If you have any questions about hiring a concrete pump, contact a concrete pump hire company such as Hunter Concrete Pump Hire.