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Three Architectural Finishes For Home Conversion Projects

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If you are making your home over or adding an extension, it is often easy to fall into the trap of doing things like everyone else. However, a few architecturally pleasing design features will often make your home really stand out and add that 'wow factor' so many homeowners desire. Of course, paying an architect to redesign your home given its existing structural footprint can be an expensive way forward. Nevertheless, opting for some of your own architectural finishes will allow all parts of your home to come together in a way that makes it looks as if it had been designed that way in the first place. Here are the top three options to go for in order to obtain a chic Australian look for your home.

Render Your Home's Walls

Rendering a dwelling, even if it does not need it for the purposes of making the walls watertight, offers certain advantages from an architectural point of view. Firstly, wooden weatherboarding, brickwork and corrugated sections of wall can all be rendered relatively easily to achieve the same external look. Once rendered, it doesn't really matter what the walls of your home are made from - they will all take on a complementary appearance. Furthermore, rendered walls are easy to paint any colour you like, so it becomes easier to bring different wall materials together in their tone to match other external parts of the home, such as the roof.

Use Polished Concrete Throughout

Only a few decades ago concreted floors were the preserve of warehouses and factories. Tough and very flat to walk on, they have long been seen as ideal for industrial settings. However, architects use the sparkle that highly polished concrete floors create in many domestic and retail settings these days, too. When your home's floors are concreted over they will offer a lustrous sheen. What's more concrete is an incredibly cheap way of producing a level floor throughout a dwelling. Industrial concrete services companies will normally take on a reasonably sized domestic project to create a unique floor with its own subtle tonal variations.

Add Artificial Stone Cladding

Stonework on the outside of a home makes it seem as thought it has been on the spot for years, so it is a good way of tying old and new together following an extension or the addition of an outbuilding. However, masonry is a costly way of achieving an architectural finish. Instead, opt for artificial stone cladding which gives the appearance of a time-worn façade but at a fraction of the cost.