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Why Consider Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

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Exposed aggregate concrete is achieved by doing away with the top layer of a concrete surface to expose the colour and texture of the aggregate underneath. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications including the construction of garage floors, pool surrounds, walkways, driveways, etc. Exposed aggregate concrete offers several advantages over traditional alternatives such as brushed or broom-finished concrete. Whether you need to install new concrete or replace damaged concrete, here's why you should consider using exposed aggregate concrete.


Because exposed aggregate concrete surfaces are typically rough and rugged, they improve traction and skid resistance. The surfaces remain slip-proof even when they become wet. In fact, exposed aggregate concrete offers better slip resistance than broom-finished or brushed concrete, and many other traditional alternatives. This leads to greater skid resistance below the feet, hence minimising the risk of a fall on garage floors and footpaths. The improved traction also makes exposed aggregate concrete an ideal choice for driveways. This is because drivers and their passengers are better protected from sliding on the driveway: the aggregate makes it possible for tyres to have a firmer grip of the driveway surface. Therefore, exposed aggregate concrete is a safe choice for you, your loved ones and anybody else who accesses your property.


There's no better way to gain control over the results of your project than by choosing to reveal the aggregate of your concrete. You can easily style your designs to create whatever effect you like, be it subtle or bold. Also, you can mix different colours to achieve a look that suits your taste. Cutting-edge methods may be used to create even more dramatic visual effects. You can, for example, use multi-coloured aggregates in tandem with wood divider strips to achieve contrast. Whatever effect you envision, you can achieve it with exposed aggregate concrete. What is more, you can determine the contour of your concrete installation, be it straight, curved or something falling in-between.


Because it is the aggregates on the surface level that suffer the beat down of normal use, and not the concrete itself, exposed aggregate concrete can last a lifetime. This is a particularly useful feature, especially for driveways, which are usually subjected to heavy vehicular traffic. The best part is that only occasional cleaning with manufacturer-recommended cleaning products and re-sealing after a couple of years is required to keep an installation in good condition.