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What to Know Before Upgrading from a Gravel to a Paved Driveway

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Gravel driveways tend to be inexpensive options for many homeowners. The gravel can be replaced when ruts or drainage issues happen. The gravel can also give a suitable driveway for most vehicles and environments. With that in mind, some homeowners may want to upgrade the look of their driveway to a new material that will last longer and add to the curb appeal of the property. This means looking at concrete options from driveway contractors. Here are a few things to know before you make the upgrade.

Gravel Mix Options

The first thing you need to know is that there are options for mixing your gravel with concrete to create a new driveway. This is a cost-effective option that adds to the durability of your gravel driveway. Though it isn't a full upgrade, it can increase your curb appeal and help you stay within a budget. If you decide to go this route, your paving contractor may suggest using your current gravel as well as adding some new gravel to the mixture. You can use larger gravel or small pea gravel depending on the look you are going for.

Base Pouring

You may think that because you already have a gravel driveway, your new paved driveway can go directly on top. The truth is, you will need to have a new base for your paved driveway if you are going with the full gravel to paved upgrade. The driveway area will need to be cleared and smoothed. In some cases, you may need to have it built up a bit and leveled. Once the area is marked off and the base is poured, the contractor can then begin pouring the concrete paving. If you will have the driveway extended to a walkway as well, the base for the walkway will be done at the same time.

Waterproofing Steps

One of the steps that many people overlook when getting a new driveway is waterproofing. When you have a concrete driveway poured, the final step will be to waterproof the surface. This will likely be done by spraying the concrete surface with the waterproofing agent and allowing the waterproofing to dry. Keep in mind, this drying step can take several hours to days depending on your weather environment. This step will need to be redone every few years based on the concrete and the contractor recommendations.

These are just a few of the key points you need to know before upgrading from a gravel to a paved concrete driveway. When you are ready to make the upgrade, contact your driveway contractors. They can help with design options, pricing and integrating or expanding the driveway to a walkway as well.