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Techniques You Can Use to Repair Your Asphalt Surfaces

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Asphalt surfaces are a popular choice for many places in your home or business premises. Asphalt is suitable for paving your parking lots, tennis courts, walkways and roads. It produces tough surfaces, but regular use gets to the heart of the surface. You will start to notice cracks and potholes as time passes, and you need to repair the asphalt surface before the damage goes too far. There are several techniques that you can use to repair and restore your asphalt. You need to read about these methods to choose the one that works best for you. This will depend on your budget, the available materials and the extent of the damage you need to fix. Here is a discussion that will help you.

Semi-Permanent Asphalt Repair

Semi-permanent repair is a technique you can use when you want a solution that will last for a couple of months. It starts with a thorough preparation of the area that you need to repair. You need to remove debris and water using an air compressor or stiff broom. When done, use powered equipment to cut the damaged area, forming a regular shape that is easy to patch. Next, lay down the patching mix and compact with a heavy roller. Let the area dry for a day or so before allowing vehicles to drive over it. 

Full-Depth Asphalt Repair 

Full-depth asphalt repair is the method you resort to when you want a permanent solution for your damaged surface. The method involves digging up the damaged area to more than four inches to expose the foundation of the asphalt surface. Typically, the excavation should also extend a few inches into the surrounding area so that the patching material has optimal support after you lay it. After excavating, you should apply a tack coat before laying the asphalt repair mix. Finish off with a backfill to make sure that the newly-laid mixture bonds properly. 

Throw and Roll Repair Method

The throw and roll repair method is a quick fix that allows you to fix your damaged surface temporarily. Here, you fill the hole with liquid asphalt and then roll it over using a special machine for compaction. This method comes in handy when there is adverse weather such as winter, which generally makes it hard for the surface to cure when other methods are used. You can pour the liquid gradually in layers so that it cures slowly as it reacts with the surrounding air.

For more information, contact an asphalt repair service.