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Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Around Your Home

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If you're looking for a beautiful and tough surface for your home, why not consider exposed aggregate? You can cover any part of your property, including the driveway, patio, pool deck, and paths. And you'll have plenty of choices to match the flooring with your property.  Several benefits follow below with more detailed explanations.

Continuous Surface

Unlike pavers, exposed aggregate forms a continuous surface that's not broken up with gaps between pavers or grout lines. After all, grouting eventually changes colour and becomes grubby. Alternatively, with grout-less pavers, you have to deal with issues such as weeds or sand erosion. As well, the unbroken surface of exposed aggregate gives your garden a seamless look — with the pebbles and stones within adding colour and texture.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Exposed aggregate is very strong and easily carries the weight of heavy vehicles on driveways. It often has a lower water-to-cement ratio than other forms of concrete, which makes it stronger and more durable. Additionally, as this flooring forms one moulded shape, you won't have to deal with pavers shifting and compacting under heavy objects. The only maintenance you'll need to undertake is to sweep and periodic resealing.

Textured Cover

Exposed aggregate forms textured non-slip surfaces that are safe to walk and drive on. Whether you have a sloping driveway or you live in a rainy region, it will help to make your property safer. This flooring is ideal for pool decks, on which water often splashes. Discuss aggregate choices with your contractor as different elements create diverse textures. River stones smoothed by running water, for example, create a more regular surface than angular crushed stone that comes from a crushing machine.   


You can combine different stones and other elements to create colourful and patterned surfaces. Rocks and pebbles come in endless colours such as grey, cream, red, and orange. You can combine hues for particular effects — for instance, black and white stones or blue and cream. Otherwise, fill your exposed aggregate surface with warm red and yellow stone. With so much variety, you can harmonise the concrete with your house and the landscape.

Easy Installation

Exposed aggregate is easier to install than some other forms of decorative concrete, though this depends on how the aggregates are added. They can be integrally mixed with the cement and poured or else hand seeded over the surface. Stamped, coloured concrete, though, requires contractors placing moulding stamps over the entire area and possibly applying dry-shake pigments and stains to add colour — a more labour-intensive process. 

Reach out to a professional to discuss exposed aggregate for your property.